Hold your birthday party at the Museum

Become the star of your own Drama Party and bring your friends along too! Discover the theatrial world of make-up, wear costumes from the Museum’s collection then perform a short performance with the help of a professional actor.

Suggested themes are Cinderella, myths and legends, Shakespeare, Wind in the Willows, pantomime, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Bombay Dreams.

Drama party costs £200 includes 30 mins make-up, 60 mins workshop and 30 mins optional cake-cutting and performance. Suitable for 5-12 year olds, maximum 15 children.


King’s History

Ever wondered how it would be live like a King? Come here and get to experience it. 

France King Sword

One of the most beautiful and preserved artifacts of history.

Modern Art Collection

A large range of never-seen-before collection of artifacts that will amaze you to the core.

The International Workshop Festival and Charlie Holland of Circus

News and Events

Why Small Theatre Companies Should Start Archiving

Theatrical companies in schools and the community are a part of the group that helps spread performing arts to the society. They may not be a big theatre company, but their activities generate valuable records that serve as proof of the significant work they put in each production.

Maintaining your records in an organized and systematized way will preserve them. It will allow the people in your company and other researchers to have a way to access documents that record your theatre’s history. This process is the first step in building a collection for your theatrical company.

Having an archival system in place will also help you to sort through all the things you have accumulated. It could be old costumes in your stock room or piles of scripts that are collecting dust. These are some of the materials that you could preserve to record and showcase your history.

Here are some of the advantages of an archiving program for your theatre company.

Save time and Money

Having a system of archiving your important documents will provide ease to anyone in your organization. Imagine the simple task of finding an old photograph from your previous performances could be a tedious task if you do not organize them.

You can also save money because you will have an inventory of what you have. If you need anything, you can just check your list of props or costumes.

Discover relevant documents and artifacts

Your stockroom may look like a dump site right now. It is easy just to throw things away, but you do not know that a treasure might be among the clutter.

Cleaning and sorting through your existing materials could just be a one-time event as long as you keep an archiving procedure in place. This practice of archiving can also help you decide which ones to throw and which ones to keep.

Without a proper system, you may neglect the things that could add value to your theatre company’s history.

Care for People

Having an archiving program will help your people do their jobs better. People working in your theatre, old and new, will have access to the archive to get the information they need.

Imagine the burden of the people in your company to keep track of the things you have without a system in place. What if the individual in charge of keeping things in “proper” order decides to leave? It will be a nightmare! In addition, outsiders such as researchers or theatre patrons would appreciate if they can have easy access to information to support your company.

The Theatre Museum in Victoria and Albert Museum

It is rare to find an excellent theatre museum but we are thrilled to let you know about this wonderful theatre museum we discovered in London. We found it in the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) located in Cromwell Road, London. The best thing about this museum, aside from the exquisite collection, is its open to the public for free.

The museum’s collection started in 1920 when a private collector named Gabrielle Enthoven donated her extensive collection of theatre designs, books, photographs and memorabilia to the museum. She continued adding to this collection until her death in the 1950s.

In 1971, the museum received another significant donation from Harry Beard. His collection of theatrical and operatic prints, texts, and programmes were a great addition to the museum’s collection.

The Theatre Museum was organized in 1974 due to the increasing number of collections that they have been receiving. The growing collection was housed in V&A Museum branch in Convent Garden.  In 2009, new galleries devoted to performing arts was opened in another V&A branch in South Kensington.

The collection covers all fields of performing arts, and the materials ranges from plans to video recordings. We feel excited just listing the things that you can see when you visit the museum.

  • Ceramics
  • Costumes and accessories
  • Designs
  • Legal documents and account books
  • Paintings and drawings
  • Posters
  • Printed books
  • Manuscripts
  • Props
  • Puppets
  • Scenic cloths
  • Song sheets
  • Stage machinery and equipment
  • Set models and model theatres
  • Theatre programmes and reviews
  • Tickets and tokens
  • Tinsel prints
  • Video and audio recordings

The museum gave us an insight on how the theatre scene in London developed from its humble beginnings to its current status. Everyone who loves theatres should also find the time to visit the museum because it will make your love for theatre deeper and richer.

Seeing the artifacts is a memorable experience. We love the old costumes because it reflects the way of life during those period. The posters are lovely, too. You can see the transition from black and white to full color on those posters. There are just so much to discover! It would be impossible for us to narrate all the details in this post. To give you a taste of what you will see, click on the following link to see a catalog of the theatre museum’s collection. http://collections.vam.ac.uk/search/?q=Theatre+&limit=45&collection%5B%5D=THES48602&narrow=1&offset=0&slug=0

Aside from what you can see, you need to make a beeline to the museum’s shop before leaving. The store showcases a broad range of products inspired by its collections. It might not be a good idea if you are saving because you can’t help and buy something from the shop. But it will be worth it because each piece is a work of art.

The museum is open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:45 PM. On Fridays, they close at 10:00 PM. If you are tired of your usual Friday night hangouts, you may consider going to this theatre museum.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to this theatre museum today.

Things To Look For In Infant Car Seats

Infant automobile seats can be bought for any baby that weighs under twenty pounds. It may be far more cost effective to purchase an infant toddler automobile seat which may be converted when the infant weighs much more than twenty pounds. But all experts are going to agree that babies are actually safer in infant automobile seat since they’re made for the smaller baby to offer assistance in all of the required locations. The infant of yours needs to be relaxed. You have to get an automobile seat which has plenty of plenty and cushioning of head support. You will find a few things to look for when you’re looking for an automobile seat for the infant of yours.

It must be very easy to set up. It’s essential that the automobile seat is actually fitted properly and based on the manufacturer’s specs. When purchasing an automobile seat, keep in mind that simpler is actually better. If an automobile seat is like it is going to be hard to install, it most likely is.

A smaller infant requires more satisfactory restraints to carry him in the hold. Search for infant seats which have the Best 5 point harness booster. These can have one strap for every one of the baby’s shoulders, 1 strap for every one of the thighs of his, and one between the legs of his. These straps are actually less dangerous for an infant since they’re much more adaptable compared to T bar restraints or plastic shields. Stay away from automobile seats which call for one to fasten the seatbelt in the back of the seat. The seatbelt adjustment must be simple to reach.

It need to have the proper anchors. Beginning in 2002, all brand new infant safety seats had to be suitable for the latch system. Instead of making use of a seatbelt to carry the infant seat in position, this particular process utilizes 2 anchors for the bottom part of the seat along with a one tether for the roof of the seat. This makes setting up of the seat much more comfy and less dangerous because the seat is actually connected directly to the automobile.

Babies are generally a mess. Think about buying a seat with a removable infant automobile seat cover so you are able to maintain the automobile seat clean. It might be hard to locate this particular feature because many automobile seats don’t come with removable infant automobile seat covers. Make sure you check out the automobile seat you’re buying to determine if the automobile seat cover may be eliminated.

The most crucial thing to think about what purchasing an automobile seat for your infant is actually safety. Also remember, the automobile seat must be very easy to install, have suitable restraints, as well as have the proper anchors for connecting it to the automobile.

Guide To Finding An Excellent Computer Sound System

Deciding as to which speaker system you must purchase is actually one thing which may prove to be irritating without the correct info. You will find in fact a great deal of choices, particularly online, making it all of the more crucial that you check out what elements count for you. There are actually speakers with a subwoofer to offer you that huge bass sound as well as speaker surround sound methods to experience films and naturally the daily basic pair of speakers. When you view a number of films or maybe play video games often, then a surround sound system will be best.

Majority of contemporary speakers are magnetically shielded, which means you will not have to be concerned about various other surrounding electrical gadgets and interference. You can find loads of affordable speakers who have all you need to have, regarding good quality as well as strength paper. Exactly how loud your speakers sound is actually calculated in watts RMS. The far more crucial this particular value, the larger the sound. Today a little bedroom might be loaded with music from twenty watts RMS speakers whereas a big space may need hundred watts RMS. You can’t get far more energy from a small phone system, though you are able to always turn a big program down!

There are several speaker systems. A 2.0 structure has 2 speakers. A 2.1 process has 2 satellite speakers along with a subwoofer. A 5.1 system has a middle speaker, 4 satellite speakers, along with a subwoofer to create a surround sound effect. The 4 satellite speakers are actually set up so that 2 are actually behind one to the left & right, and 2 are actually in front to the left, and right, and with the middle speaker as well as the subwoofer, the influence is actually filling the kitchen as music is actually sent out through 5 channels.

The entire output of a system is going to be the energy output of every speaker added together. Therefore a 2 speaker system in which each speaker features a power output of ten watts, would generate a full energy output of twenty watts. In a surround audio system, the 5 satellite speakers may each produce fifteen watts creating a total of seventy five watts, as well as the subwoofer may take fifty watts to make the entire system a complete output of 125 watts RMS. Typically computer speakers offered with a Mac or PC aren’t any more than token elements, and also for anybody that likes music an early improvement to a few quality, speakers will likely be needed. You can visit https://soundmoz.com to learn more about the best computer speaker options.

Finding The Best Builders To Create Your Pool

Many folks want to use a swimming pool in the backyard of theirs because nothing gets them to feel relaxed much more when compared to a typical swim. Having a pool in individuals are allowed by the yard to experience as well as relax as well as invest several memorable moments at the exact same time. A much better chance is jumping right into a pool in the convenience of the back garden of yours.

If you’ve plenty of room in the house of yours, it may be beneficial to construct a pool to ensure that you are able to appreciate the moment any day and at every point you want. Having the swimming pool of yours is exciting. The enjoyment aside, it is able to also enhance general health. Going swimming is among the most incredible exercises that keep your medical healthy and fine. As a result, it’s become an essential for lots of people to put together a swimming pool.

You might be wondering how long does pool construction take?  Well, building of a swimming pool is actually of course not an easy task at all. It takes time depending on the magnitude of the project. But first, you have to find trustworthy builders and quality tools in the industry. Nevertheless, today the moment has transformed a great deal so; you are able to see online businesses and reliable builders dealing with the process of creating a pool. Such service providers offer products at probably the best prices to the clientele of theirs. Swimming pool builders are going to help you from starting to end during the building process. Whatever design and style you want to have, they are able to aid you.

Each kind of pool has its own characteristics and advantages. The substance which is necessary for maintenance and construction for each category differs from one another. The shape as well as size of swimming pool based on the landscape of backyard. Among almost all pools, concrete pools are actually the fantastic in ground pool. Builders design the pool based on the orders of yours, though they can take rather a time to finish the process.

Vinyl-liner and fiberglass pools are actually easier, cleaner and faster, but the longevity of its could be unsure.
For constructing each kind of pool, the procedure is just about identical. The initial step in the backyard of yours is going to have to be marked as well as exhumed to clear the way for the swimming pool.

After completing this process, then the process starts based on the demands of yours. Steel bars and a solid wood formwork will be put into the hold once the yard has been excavated. As the required plumbing steps are actually finished, a concrete spray is going to be put on to shape the real sides of the swimming pool. When the software is tiles, finishing, and settled are going to finish the surface area of the pool. The very first stage ends right here.

The following stage involves pool coping or even decking, electrical connections and equipment installations. Next, it is some time to fill up the pool with clean water. Finishing touches will be provided by builders as landscaping, furnishing, lighting, and decorations. Based on the decision of yours and budge, the transformation will switch the backyard of yours into an appealing eye location.

Things To Search For In An Electrician

Hiring an electrician is one thing many individuals have to do, particularly with the large scale increase in the dependence of ours on a nearly infinitesimal array of gear created to run on energy. Having a fully functional energy process is no longer regarded as a luxury, but a need with a priority comparable to that of drinking water and food.

You will find a couple of points that individuals searching for electricians are able to hold in their brain before settling on the specialist who’ll service the electric system of theirs. The most effective way to figure out just how good an electrician is actually on the task is usually to get in touch with individuals that have by now employed the individual before. This can help you get a great idea about precisely how superior the electrician would be at fixing the problem of yours. Many homeowners that have gotten an excellent service experience with a hired electrician won’t wait to refer the expertise of her to others also.

Often times, some unscrupulous contractors send the apprentices of theirs to finish smaller tasks. Nevertheless, as being a property owner and buyer, it’s the right of yours to get the service quality you’ve paid for. Your electrician needs to be certified, insured as well as experienced an adequate amount of to deal with the installation, repair, and replacement operation with confidence.

Some electricians focus on giving a certain service type, e.g., residential, industrial or commercial system, repair, and replacement services. Hiring one kind of electrician for a diverse set of service will usually be counterproductive. Nevertheless, there are electricians whom have a far more generalized experience set and are able to do various kinds of work too.

Because of the increasing amounts of impatience, fused with the anxiety levels caused by electrical system problems are able to lead a lot of property owners to settle on the initial electrician that will come the way of theirs. Nevertheless, to make sure you’re getting the amount of service that you’re having to pay for, it’s surely a great strategy to shoot quotations from as a lot of electricians because you are able to. You can view website of the electrician to find out their basic rates for a particular service. A place to be noted is the fact that in case an electrician is hired by you that remains at an extra distance from the location in which the services are actually needed, in that case their transportation charges will likely be another addition to the last costs. The good plan is searching outwards from the location in which the task is usually to be completed and selecting the electrician that meets the financial needs of yours.

Electrical energy is actually a great servant, but a lousy master, therefore the fix of any power system should be carried out by the hands of a good – trained, qualified and experienced specialist that absolutely adheres to the security protocols needed in this specific career, given the high risk nature of its, towards each property and daily life.


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