Unlike visual arts, performing arts make use of the body to express the artist’s vision. Performing arts consist of drama, opera, dance, musical theatre, puppetry, public speaking and even circus. The magic of these theatre performances is hard to capture that is why theatre museums are important.

Theatre museums bring together the collection of artifacts from the rich heritage of performing arts to the world. The collection includes fancy costumes, elaborate stage design, photographs and video recordings of the performance. These mementos capture the history and the growth of performing arts anywhere in the world.

Theatre lover or not, one must not miss a trip to a theatre museum. The visit will bring you more appreciation and insight on performing arts. Here are some of the leading theatre museums in the world.

  • Victoria and Albert Museum, London – This museum houses the theatre and performance collection of performing arts in the United Kingdom. Their collection includes manuscripts, books, and audio-visual recordings. You may visit their website to know more and plan your visit
  • The Aleksei Bakhrushin Central Theatre Museum, Russia – This museum is the center of theatre history in Russia. It was founded by Aleksei Bakhrushin, an industrialist, and a theatre fan. Their collection is consist of elaborate costumes and stage sets from the 1920s. You may go to their website for more information
  • Austrian Theater Museum, Austria – This museum holds the collection of different mementos from Austria’s performing arts. This Austrian Theatre Museum is one of the biggest and significant theatre museum in the world. You may visit their website if you plan to visit