Plans to Restore and Old Ruin

I visited my hometown for the first time since we left it some years ago, and saw old friends who were now running the small town. One place without a successor stuck out during my evening walk, the old theater where old films and plays were held. With the newly renovated school having an auditorium of its own, and a better theater with more modern entertainment available, the old building had no purpose except to be a subject of horror stories for the local children.

I had proposed to restore the old place to become a center for people to learn about theater among other arts; though the community will have to put it to a vote, the building being the property of the town since its owner left it to their hands upon his passing. I have already called a few contractor friends and Pest Control Company Hammond to give me a rough estimate of the cost to do the job. I believe I would be given the opportunity to do so since I offered to pay for the majority of the cost out of my own pocket. What I had was happy there once, with fond memories of the past, even in its current state I love it, all the same, the old ruin.


Author: wpadmin