Top 5 Interesting Facts about Museums

Top 5 Interesting Facts about Museums

The hubs of secrets, conspiracies and mysteries are none other than the museums in the world. History is always a mystery. We see a lot of fascinating things in a museum, but it is quite weird that we neither understand them nor know the reason for their existence. This is the reason as to why we call them places of mystery and conspiracy. While people have their own theories for everything that is stored in a museum, what we believe is what majority of the people believe. So here are some of the interesting facts that we didn’t know about museums earlier.

Top 5 Interesting Facts about Museums

The Dog Collar Museum:

There is an exclusive museum in Kent, England named as the Dog collar museum. This museum has an extensive collection of dog collars that were and are in existence for the past five centuries. There is no other museum in the world that has itself completely dedicated to a particular animal except for this one located in the UK. This is one of the largely visited museums in the world.

Greeks take the credit here as well:

Greeks are considered the pioneers for almost everything in the world right from language to the culture they had everything in the world before anyone could take a glimpse of it and one such thing is the museum. In Greek, the word reads as ‘Mouseion’ which meant a place that is preserved for Muses and the arts. The Greek legend Aristotle also had a museum that was meant to collect his zoology samples.  So again they stand as the pioneers.

Museums are run with service motive:

Most of us think that museums make a lot of money as they have lakhs of people visiting it every year. But little do we know about the contributions that they are making for the public. We do not know that museums work for serving the public and most of them are registered not for profit organisations. The money that these museums make is used for charitable purposes. They also offer jobs for the military personnel and their family member through various programs and events.

The Phallological Museum:

This sounded quite crazy when we heard about this for the first time. The Phallological Museum is a museum located in Iceland. It has the largest collection of penile parts of almost all the species in the world. No other better collection in the world would showcase the penises for public display and is widely known as the museum of penises.

The museum that was trashed:

There existed a museum in Connecticut that collected and showcased the garbage. It existed for sixteen years and finally came to an end in the year 2011. Though this museum is no more, the fact that people made initiatives to save trash is quite interesting.



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