Hold your birthday party at the Museum

Become the star of your own Drama Party and bring your friends along too! Discover the theatrial world of make-up, wear costumes from the Museum’s collection then perform a short performance with the help of a professional actor.

Suggested themes are Cinderella, myths and legends, Shakespeare, Wind in the Willows, pantomime, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Bombay Dreams.

Drama party costs £200 includes 30 mins make-up, 60 mins workshop and 30 mins optional cake-cutting and performance. Suitable for 5-12 year olds, maximum 15 children.


King’s History

Ever wondered how it would be live like a King? Come here and get to experience it. 

France King Sword

One of the most beautiful and preserved artifacts of history.

Modern Art Collection

A large range of never-seen-before collection of artifacts that will amaze you to the core.

The International Workshop Festival and Charlie Holland of Circus

News and Events

Why Small Theatre Companies Should Start Archiving

Theatrical companies in schools and the community are a part of the group that helps spread performing arts to the society. They may not be a big theatre company, but their activities generate valuable records that serve as proof of the significant work they put in each production.

Maintaining your records in an organized and systematized way will preserve them. It will allow the people in your company and other researchers to have a way to access documents that record your theatre’s history. This process is the first step in building a collection for your theatrical company.

Having an archival system in place will also help you to sort through all the things you have accumulated. It could be old costumes in your stock room or piles of scripts that are collecting dust. These are some of the materials that you could preserve to record and showcase your history.

Here are some of the advantages of an archiving program for your theatre company.

Save time and Money

Having a system of archiving your important documents will provide ease to anyone in your organization. Imagine the simple task of finding an old photograph from your previous performances could be a tedious task if you do not organize them.

You can also save money because you will have an inventory of what you have. If you need anything, you can just check your list of props or costumes.

Discover relevant documents and artifacts

Your stockroom may look like a dump site right now. It is easy just to throw things away, but you do not know that a treasure might be among the clutter.

Cleaning and sorting through your existing materials could just be a one-time event as long as you keep an archiving procedure in place. This practice of archiving can also help you decide which ones to throw and which ones to keep.

Without a proper system, you may neglect the things that could add value to your theatre company’s history.

Care for People

Having an archiving program will help your people do their jobs better. People working in your theatre, old and new, will have access to the archive to get the information they need.

Imagine the burden of the people in your company to keep track of the things you have without a system in place. What if the individual in charge of keeping things in “proper” order decides to leave? It will be a nightmare! In addition, outsiders such as researchers or theatre patrons would appreciate if they can have easy access to information to support your company.

The Theatre Museum in Victoria and Albert Museum

It is rare to find an excellent theatre museum but we are thrilled to let you know about this wonderful theatre museum we discovered in London. We found it in the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) located in Cromwell Road, London. The best thing about this museum, aside from the exquisite collection, is its open to the public for free.

The museum’s collection started in 1920 when a private collector named Gabrielle Enthoven donated her extensive collection of theatre designs, books, photographs and memorabilia to the museum. She continued adding to this collection until her death in the 1950s.

In 1971, the museum received another significant donation from Harry Beard. His collection of theatrical and operatic prints, texts, and programmes were a great addition to the museum’s collection.

The Theatre Museum was organized in 1974 due to the increasing number of collections that they have been receiving. The growing collection was housed in V&A Museum branch in Convent Garden.  In 2009, new galleries devoted to performing arts was opened in another V&A branch in South Kensington.

The collection covers all fields of performing arts, and the materials ranges from plans to video recordings. We feel excited just listing the things that you can see when you visit the museum.

  • Ceramics
  • Costumes and accessories
  • Designs
  • Legal documents and account books
  • Paintings and drawings
  • Posters
  • Printed books
  • Manuscripts
  • Props
  • Puppets
  • Scenic cloths
  • Song sheets
  • Stage machinery and equipment
  • Set models and model theatres
  • Theatre programmes and reviews
  • Tickets and tokens
  • Tinsel prints
  • Video and audio recordings

The museum gave us an insight on how the theatre scene in London developed from its humble beginnings to its current status. Everyone who loves theatres should also find the time to visit the museum because it will make your love for theatre deeper and richer.

Seeing the artifacts is a memorable experience. We love the old costumes because it reflects the way of life during those period. The posters are lovely, too. You can see the transition from black and white to full color on those posters. There are just so much to discover! It would be impossible for us to narrate all the details in this post. To give you a taste of what you will see, click on the following link to see a catalog of the theatre museum’s collection. http://collections.vam.ac.uk/search/?q=Theatre+&limit=45&collection%5B%5D=THES48602&narrow=1&offset=0&slug=0

Aside from what you can see, you need to make a beeline to the museum’s shop before leaving. The store showcases a broad range of products inspired by its collections. It might not be a good idea if you are saving because you can’t help and buy something from the shop. But it will be worth it because each piece is a work of art.

The museum is open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:45 PM. On Fridays, they close at 10:00 PM. If you are tired of your usual Friday night hangouts, you may consider going to this theatre museum.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to this theatre museum today.

Discount Offers in your Wallet

It’s always fascinating to me how a lot of folks start searching for discounts in the morning paper, on coupon printing websites, additionally, on sites that guarantee one enormous discount each day. Let us face it, purchasing a Sunday newspaper to clip coupons all Sunday, working on internet searches for things you’re buying, and watching for the 1 day a great coupon is readily available from the favorite retailer of yours isn’t on the top of many people’s to do mailing list. Despite this, a majority of folks overlook probably the most obvious, least time intensive, and generally, the most useful technique of getting discounts. In order to save money, discount seekers must start searching in their pocketbooks and wallet. When you’ve found them, using some sort of percent off calculator online, should be easy enough to find out how much money you’ll be saving.

Everyone has discounts in the possession of theirs, but, these discounts are actually among probably the least utilized. Every year, by not even considering these discounts, thousands of dollars go unused. Even worst, the rarely used discounts are usually much more beneficial compared to the people discount seekers use. They’re a lot more important because retailers, as well as producers, save the best discounts of theirs for the most loyal clients of theirs as well as for organizations which patronize their business the best. In case you’re one of those loyal customers or even belong to a team which is dedicated to a retailer, then you’re qualified for these discounts.


Below are three sets of things in the wallet of yours which may protect your money:


Membership Cards – Have you been a part of any business? In case you’re, you probably have exclusive discounts through them to several of America’s biggest retailers. Whether it’s the credit cards of yours, a warehouse club (ex. Sam’s Club, Costco, BJ’s), a qualified business, or maybe an Alumni Association, all of them have discounts which are not properly advertised but are available. These discounts are completely distinct from the main providers that the membership clubs offer and they’re accessible to anyone that’s a part of these organizations. Check your membership info for the discounts of yours or even ask the retailer.
ID Cards – The ID cards of yours are the ticket of yours to a selection of discounts for people which fit into one demographic or perhaps another. Whether you’re a student, senior, or maybe just a kid, there are discounts for you. All you’ve to do is present the ID of yours to get them. Therefore generally have the IDs of yours with you.

Receipts – Inspect the receipt of yours for discount info. Many merchants have seen the positive aspects of making loyalty clubs, newsletters, Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, driving discount text alerts, as well as conducting consumer surveys. Search the receipt of yours for info about these programs. At times you might need to go through the company’s site to get to this info. In case that’s the situation, the company’s site info is going to be listed on the receipt. To reward you for your manufactures, retailers, and loyalty gives you larger discounts as opposed to the people open To the general public. When this info is found on the receipt of an establishment that you frequent, ask about their loyalty programs, ask for newsletters, find them on Twitter, on Facebook, as well as register for immediate discount alerts via text since the cost savings from them, are actually beneficial. Why? Since they understand you’re a loyal customer, and they wish to keep you.

These’re only a three means to find savings in the wallet of yours. They’re able to enable you to get half price at sporting discounts or events on restaurants, clothing, or travel, or maybe even FREE meal at restaurants. The secret is having your IDs and cards with you and don’t hesitate to ask the favorite retailer of yours in case have a discount which works within the very first 2 categories. After paying for the product of yours, take some time to examine the receipt for even more savings. By taking these easy steps you are able to stay away from having to cut coupons, taking some time to browse the web for savings, and also you won’t have to hold out for that one huge coupon from the favorite retailer of yours. And moreover, in case you’re a super saver, quite a few times you might be in a position to mix these cost savings with the coupons from the Sunday paper, from internet coupon websites, coupon codes, as well as product sales and coupons from the favorite retailer of yours.

Web Analytics For Law Firms

Not merely does the web facilitate the large distribution of content, though it also allows for lawyers as well as law firms to observe distribution carefully. It can also help to find out the number of site visitors press on the content; the length of time they spend reading, looking at or listening the content; as well as where the website of yours, search or perhaps a few other website they discovered the material.

Web analytics is a procedure for collecting visitor or maybe customer data, analyzing those information and creating reports on the entire functionality of these various channels. It extends well beyond the site of yours into practically every internet channel the law firm of yours may be using.

During the early days, web analytics plans centered on the basic measurement of exercise on a law firm’s site. Nowadays, an excellent law firm site still is made up of info that is helpful about the firm and the services of its, though the website functions a lot more like an active hub to which every one of the firm’s web based content distribution efforts are actually tied.  Additionally, most social media web sites have their built in analytics programs which may be seen for more details about exercise on the accounts of yours on those sites.

The popular Analytics application is actually free and also yields info about your AmazeLaw Lawyer Websites visitors, including a selection of guests including the distinctive, different and repeat. Additionally, it monitors page views, repeat fee, visit length, page view length, page view per go to, and bounce rate or perhaps those that leave rapidly from a specified page. They could also discover the entry pages or even where visitors enter the site of yours, exit pages for whenever the guests leave the site of yours, and referral resources like the immediate visitors, search engines, along with other referral websites.

Along with other things, Analytics are able to chart information over time, compare information month-by-month or perhaps year-by-year, along with internally compare various sets of outcomes.

Other industrial web analytics programs let the web site administrator to dig deeper into the information. Many analytics plans will register detailed info at the user amount, allowing administrators to monitor the amount of times a certain user arrived to the web site, which pages he or maybe she viewed as well as, in some instances, the location from what that user is actually connecting. You will find numerous applications available that will help you evaluate the data of yours. The one you choose ought to be based on just how you intend to make use of the results.

It’s essential to recall that no overall performance metric is inherently incorrect or even good. A small number of the best people type seeing the content of yours and reaching out to your tight is actually a much better outcome than thousands of guests that take no action.

Common Things That Concerns The Eyelids

Different kinds of bumps and swellings show up on the eyelids. Several of these is painful. Others are just unappealing, and some are barely noticeable.

Hairs grow from follicles & eyelashes grow the exact same way. It’s not uncommon for a follicle to be infected. When it does, a red swelling seems on the advantage of the lid at the base of the eyelash. The swelling has a white head of pus. This’s known as a sty.

Styes are very painful until they burst. They are going to explode within a couple of days. At the moment the pain subsides, as well as the eyelash is actually lost. This typically takes aproximatelly 7 days. Nevertheless, it’s possible to alleviate the ache by making the sty burst early. If the inflammation first appears, use warm compresses until the pus attracts to a head. Then simply pull out the eyelash. This action is going to release the discharge.

Maake sure never to press the sty. When you’ve pulled out the eyelash, clean the eyelid thoroughly to be certain all traces of pus are actually removed. Sometimes styes are going to recur shortly, and over one will create on the lid in the process. This’s because the bacteria which caused the very first sty spread to infect various other follicles. If this occurs, you might have to visit the medical practitioner of yours for an antibiotic to eliminate the infection.

Yellow-colored patches of oily material, xanthelasma, often produce under the outside skin of the eyelids. These spots could be eliminated using xanthelasma remover if they’re unappealing. But even in case they’re eliminated, they might recur once again later on since is due to cholesterol build up in the body. A healthy lifestyle can help prevent recurrence of xanthelasma for good.

A chalazion is additionally a swelling that gets on the advantage of the eyelid. Unlike a sty, the chalazion is actually painless. It’s because of to a blockage of 1 of the meibomian glands. These glands are actually accountable for trying to keep the margin of the eyelid properly lubricated. Chalazions generally disappear on their very own in a month or perhaps 2. Nevertheless, it’s feasible to eliminate them earlier by carefully rubbing the lid in the path of the advantage. It will help break up the obstruction. Nevertheless, at times big chalazion, about the dimensions of a pea, show up. These won’t go away naturally but have to be taken down surgically. Nevertheless, it’s not a complex process. The physician applies simply a local anesthetic and then would make an incision and extracts the contents of the chalazion. A chalazion may be infected. With this situation, it is going to swell and be incredibly painful. If this occurs, you have to see the doctor of yours quickly. Once again, the therapy is going to begin with an incision in the eyelid. Though this time the goal of the incision is draining off the pus.

Another familiar lump which occasionally appears on the eyelid is actually a papilloma. Papillomas are actually growths of skin which could show up anyplace on the lid margin or maybe the lid itself. They range in color from yellow to black. If they’re unappealing, a physician is able to eliminate them rather quick with a neighborhood anesthetic. Nevertheless, in case they’re really small & not conspicuous, they don’t have to be eliminated unless one so wants.


Ways To Choose The Best Bird Cage?

Deciding on the correct size cage & additionally making certain the bar spacing is actually secure is actually the initial problem you have to think about when searching for bird cages. You cannot actually look at the other information or maybe functions of a pen until you have established it is the correct dimensions of the enclosure and has the proper bar spacing. As a basic rule of thumb; the greater substantial the cage is actually, the better, so long as the bar spacing’s not overly wide. At the web store of ours, we distinguish birds into 3 categories; little birds, moderate birds, & big birds. These categories somewhat overlap because several birds squeeze into the significant end & the low end of two groups that are various. For instance, Lovebirds squeeze into the tiny bird’s group, though they also supply into the moderate bird’s category.

Deciding on a great quality cage & not shelling out far more than you’ve to is actually another difficult element of facing. If you’ve possessed a generic bird cage before, you realize you don’t wish to go through that once again. The vast majority of first time cage customers get a really inexpensive, generic cage, though they typically do not come up with that mistake twice.

It’s crucial to buy from the manufacturer’s which stand behind their warranties and cages. You ought to also take into account the materials used are really tried safe for birds and discovering fantastic companies, therefore you’ve to look around & find out what suits the budget of yours & your bird’s particular requirements.

An excellent spot to do research is actually within internet bird forums & bird conversation boards. You are able to have a discussion with some other bird owners who have experimented with the brand name you are thinking about & they’ll happily provide feedback on the cage which you’re looking at. Nevertheless, you’ll likely discover that the majority of pet supply storefronts that are actually traditional are actually either incredibly high priced, or maybe they don’t have some true cages for your cockatiel at all. They just offer very small economy boxed enclosures which are not big enough for the most simple of birds. This’s because local shop fronts have a really rough time competing with the web retailers.

Neighborhood store fronts have a couple of overhead costs which need be buried into their product costs, and online retailers don’t have a lot overhead at many. And so after you look locally, you will most probably be on the net cage shopping. Now you’re online, how can you determine whom you are able to believe in? That is a good question and not a simple one to answer. You will find a number of exceptional indicators that you are able to use to create a great judgment on who the true net stores are. One of the reasons is actually heading to the bird forums. If other folks had an enjoyable experience with an online retailer, you are more likely to also. I also suggest checking out the sites you go to for favorable customer testimonials. Sites that don’t publish positive customer feedback they have received, likely have not received any good feedback.


Theatre Museum, 1e Tavistock Street,  London WC2E 7PR.